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Released via Heirship Records (www.heirshiprecords.com)


released August 27, 2013

All music written and performed by Grandkids
All songs and lyrics by Vivian McConnell except “Aubade” by Evan Metz
Violins Arranged by Rachel Wittrig and Grandkids
Recorded and Engineered by Matt DeWine at Pieholden Suite Sound in Chicago, IL from January to July 2012
Additional recording by Jake Metz at Perennial Sound in Urbana, IL - January 2013
Produced by Grandkids and Matt DeWine
Mixed by Matt DeWine, except Track 2, 5, 9 mixed by Daniel Good
Mastered by John Pines at Private Studios in Urbana, IL
Art by A.B. Moore (www.ab-moore.com)

Special Thanks to Isaac Arms, Ben Clarke, Daniel Good, Ryan Groff, Cara Lane, Zach Long, Jeff Mather, Shamus Martin, Stanton McConnell, Jake Metz, Dylan Schwab, Buddy and Pele for other important and integral efforts and services.

Grandkids is...
Adam Gorcowski - Cellos
Vivian McConnell - Vocals, Guitars
Evan Metz - Vocals, Guitars, Bass Guitar, Pianos, Keyboards and Organs
Phil Sudderberg - Vocals, Drums and Percussion

Additional Musicians:
Matt DeWine - Bass Guitar - 3
Tommy Trafton - Piano - 4
Rachel "RaeRae" Wittrig - Violins - 2, 5, 7, 9, 10

Thanks to…
Danny Andrade, Mikael Brackett, Pam Gorcowski, Mike Gorcowski, Max Gorcowski, Andy Katz, Nick Martin, Bruce McConnell, Vicki McConnell, Randy McConnell, Jim Metz, Alison Metz, Drew Metz, Kumars Salehi, Santah, Mark Sudderberg, Jane Sudderberg, Patrick Sudderberg, Dylan Sutcliff, The Champaign-Urbana Music Scene

Funded By...
Kellie, Tim Kadich, Luke Bergkoetter, Kristen, Shikhank Sharma, Brian G, Ben Valocchi, Jake Mullen, Brian McClelland, Alison Williams, Ken Jedlicka, Mike O'Hagen, Kristin Connell, Tyler Robins, Birds & Batteries, Theresa, Mike Ingram, Maggie McConville, Tony Straub, Rich, Abbey Hosey, Zach Schneider, Randy McConnell, Rachel, Matt Lurie, Sarah Syman, Erin Wraight, Ed Kirk, Baub Alred, Samantha Redes, Robyn Sutcliff, Aroon Karuna, Claire Keating, Tommy Trafton, Steven Plock, Carrie McMenamin, Mike Verderese, Harold Abnabit, George Carlozzi, Carl Hauck, Andrea Kasprzak, Hannah Newman, Donald Bauer, Jan McConville, JohnnyRay, John J. Morrissey, Andrew Kling, Zach Leverton, Jenni, Conor Clark, Brooke Terranova, Stephanie Terranova, Jordan McDonald, Doug, Emily Gorski, Jessica Schnaiter, Jenna Frye, Blue Haven Capital, John & Susie Novak, Bruce McConnell, PDQ Door, Mikael Brackett, Stacy, Lynn Borg, Josh Cannata, Peter Dambly, Ken West, Gregory T. Mizen, Zach Long, Carol Schnaiter, John Stephenson, Jeffrey Hales, Stanton McConnell, Barb, Sally, Kyle Stofen, Ben Levine, William Walters, Richard Metz, Bob Chambers, Stephen 'Sven' Johnson, Mark Jaroski, David Graham, Susan S, Deidre Wagster, Phil Wertz, Jason Bredenkamp, Brent Seggebruch, Roger Bohn, Overhead Door Options, Margaret Metz, JoAnne G, Nicholas Gorcowski, Hamilton Lee



all rights reserved


Grandkids Chicago, Illinois

Hey. We're Grandkids, a not-multiple-floor-tom band

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Track Name: Dark Ones
will you be the rings around my eyes?
I’m sick of putting the dark ones on

will you be the arches on my feet?
I’m sick of putting the flat ones on

and I will plant you
in the carpet of my room

and if you could be the rings around my eyes
I can’t be putting the dark ones on
Track Name: Engines
everything is a pyramid down
and the river flows along
the ankles of our sun
gods are like gods
gods are like ours
ours hold our hands
ours know our names
names that will change
on the way

from the north I brought you
to the south where I fought you
can you see me on the west bay?
can you see my wave my east flag?

and our tour guide is a heron
he walks along
five cawing, clawing paces
he points through the glare
with his arms not his wings
with his mouth not his beak
with his mouth he will speak
speak to our gods
just little kids
on the steps
on the steps

and I didn’t even know that you existed
maybe I was born today that’s why I went and missed it
and you are not aware of the architecture built here
and all the roads spilled here
Track Name: Collegiate Peaks
oh, oh little cloud!
I’ll follow you until the sun comes down
and now, the sun is high
you’re wrapped in firs
and stuck in smoky pines

‘cause I don’t want to go west
if they’re saying that’s what’s best
for me

oh, oh little cloud!
you’re sharing the sky
with miles and miles of blue

‘cause they are digging so deep
for gold that they’ll never keep

oh, little birds on wire
have you noticed the sagebrush stuck to my tire?
oh, it may appear this way
that I’m driving this way
that I’m headed into the waves

and I don’t want to stay flat
if they’re saying that’s where it’s at
for me

oh, collegiate peaks
I’m in your foothills waiting to tunnel out
oh, on the other side
maybe I’ll find
the grass is gone
and dry
and brown
and dead
no animals can be fed

‘cause they are digging so deep
for gold that they’ll never keep
Track Name: Go Through With It
and you’re so careful
I was afraid you’d be a handful
as I was sitting on your stairwell
I was afraid you’d be a handful

and the heat made you go through
the walls, the floor, and stoop
on your front steps and onto your roof

and you’re so careless
I was afraid you couldn’t care less
as I was sitting here in my dress
I was afraid you couldn’t care less

go through with it
Track Name: Powder Blues
you can’t find your ring at the bottom of a dirty lake
you dropped it in on indecision
now you want it back, it’s your mistake

I can’t clean this window anymore, you’ll want to use it as a door
you’ll hit the glass, and leave a mark
and then I’ll have to clean it once more

if I made it any more clear
it would go and disappear
on our minds
disappear on its own time
on its time

why the fear of wind when you are trying to sail across the sea?
if I blew it any slower, you’d be shipwrecked in the bay with me

and now that you are here why don’t you try to read it in my eyes
if the powder blues are gone why don’t you read it in the cloudy whites
Track Name: Gold Rain
lost my good life
it feels kind of cold
oh my brothers
I want my face back
it’s raining gold

and I feel it
and you see it
and I can’t explain it
to anyone who doesn’t understand

I thought
it’d rain for forty days
and gild all the nights

but it snowed
oh the wind it blows
we tunneled
out to spring
Track Name: Timeshare
and who is afraid of
the glow they are made of?
it starts in our humble core
and shines through our gentle pores

it’s warm like the sunshine
the southwestern sunshine
through a desert and dry mouth
it’s careful on its way out

our teeth they clench
and throats do swell
they keep us from murmuring
our words that brim our lips and tongues
they keep on coming
they keep escaping

and what is it you came for?
is it what you really came from?
a place to live, a place to eat
not a place to raise defeat

let us tell you one more time
what is yours, it is not mine
the silver and the passive ways
are not those of a golden state
Track Name: Aubade
Go ahead and make up your own. That sounds like a good time!
Track Name: Not This, Never This
I’m making all your clothes
for when the winter comes
don’t be afraid, I’ve layered every one

‘cause I can’t go home
not this, never this alone

and when the needle hits
my fingers never bleed
they are thimbles
calloused as they need

I’ll thicken up your soul
‘cause mine’s a little thin
the nail I stepped on
rusted in your sins

‘cause I can’t go home
not this, never this alone
and I can’t let you in
I sent you off so I can begin

and if you wanted to
come into my room
what if I said no?
oh where would you go?
Track Name: Tension Bridge (Digital Download and CD only)
he is a tension bridge
and she craves attention from him

she spent all his time
and he spent all his money
to try and spend all his time
without her

he is attentive to
all the things that remind him of you